Reflow Oven Lead Free Nitrogen

Reflow Oven Lead Free Nitrogen

Hot air Reflow Soldering 10 zones nitrogen HB Automation Advantages HB Automation is a comprehensive supplier in the SMT market to provide our customer with a wide range of the most innovative and reliable types of SMT equipment including Reflow oven with 6,8,10,12 zones model, with thermal...
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Hot air Reflow Soldering 10 zones nitrogen

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HB Automation Advantages
HB Automation is a comprehensive supplier in the SMT market to provide our customer with a wide range of the most innovative and reliable types of SMT equipment including Reflow oven with 6,8,10,12 zones model, with thermal accuracy of ±1˚C, produces a ΔT of ±2°C across. We have made one of our customers' main production challenges as our own: guaranteeing the highest productivity at the lowest manufacturing cost.
• heating and cooling advances deliver up to 40% reduction in nitrogen and electrical consumption.




Machine dimensions (L*W*H)


Standard color

Ivory white

Numbers of heating zone

10 zone ( top and bottom)

Lengths of heating zone


Numbers of cooling zone

3 zone ( top and bottom)

Nozzle plate

Aluminum plate

Exhaust volume

10 CBM/ min *2

Flux collection system

Standard configuration

Control system

Power supply

3 Phase, 380V 50/60 Hz ( Optional: 480V,400V)

Total power


Startup power


Normal power consumption


Warming time

Around 30mins

Temperature setting range

Room temperature to 300'C

Temperature control method

PID Close loop control + SSR driving

Temperature control precision

+/- 1'C

Temperature deviation on PCB

+/- 1.5'C

Cooling method

Forced air cooling ( Optional: Water-chiller)

Data storage

Process data and status storage (80GB)

Abnormal alarm

Temperature abnormal alarm

Board dropped alarm

Standard (Tower light and Buzzer)

conveyor system

Rails structure

subjection integrated type

chain structure

singled buckle ( Optional:Double buckle)

Max.PCB width

50mm to 400mm ( single lane,optional:460mm,610mm)

Components clearance

Top/ bottom clearance of boards: 25mm

Conveyor direction

L to R/ ( Optional: R to L)

Fixed rail side

Front rail Fixed

Conveyor speed range

300 – 20000mm/min

Conveyor heights


Conveyor method

Chain + mesh as standard ( Optional: Chain+ center support system)

Chain Lubrication

Automatic ( standard)

Optional configuration

Full nitrogen system

Nitrogen hermetic configuration, nitrogen flow meter, water chiller, oxygen analyzer ( PPM control: 300-1000PPM, 18—20m³/hr,single lane oven)

Center support system

Unique retractable, special parking position with Maximum flexible

Water chiller cooling


Dual lane conveyor

Conveyor width: Min.50mm*50mm in each lane, Max.300mm*300mm in each lane;Rail 1and Rail 4 are fixed; Rail2 and Rail 3 are adjustable;

Dual lane dual speed

Independent conveyor speed in each lane

Dual lane dual center support

Independent conveyor speed of chain and center support system in each lane

Main Features
• 10 zones model TP-1003
• Combination pin chain and mesh belt conveyors
• Motorized width adjust (optional: PC control width adjustment)
• Flux collection system
• Light tower
• Uninterruptible power supply
• Guaranteed Lead Free process ready
• 300ºC high temperature processing capabilities
• 5 years for the heaters, blowers and solder pot - 2 on all other parts.
• Automatic edge rail lubrication system
• Board counter • Board drop detection


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1. the cooling configuration recycles the filtered air or N2 back to the oven chamber reducing thermal loss while getting better flux reclamation.
2. Dual conveyor and Center support system for  preventing the deformation of PCB board puzzle ( Optional)


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Q: What is your main advantage?

A: Quality is our advantage We have a long history in design and manufacturing of reflow system, wave soldering system, selective soldering system and bring the innovation of vertical curing system. Most of our end users are the multinational company like HUAWEI, FLEX, GE, LG, Continental Automotive, BYD, TDK.
Q: Can you make the customized product according to different application?
A: Yes, we can. Our engineers have a lot experience in design customized products for Flextronics, Continental, HUAWEI.

Q: LEAD-FREE Parameters


On the table we can identify the maximum ramp up and ramp down rate (3°C/s and 6°C/s respectively) which, in our case, are not a big problem because you will hardly be able to obtain steeper rates with toaster ovens.
What may be a problem instead are maximum time above liquidus (217°C, 60-150s max) and maximum time within 5°C of peak (Tp).
If your oven is not powerful you could be forced to increase those values to allow temperature to raise enough. That is why choosing a powerful and small (quick) toaster oven is so important for reflowing. You should be able to reach more than 1°C/s when ramping up (ideally at least 1.5°C/s) with your oven.
If you can't you should consider another oven or adding more heating elements.