If Life Is Not Fun, It's A Tragedy

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Mr. Hocking has been watching the universe for a long time in his life. He said, "my goal is simple. I want to know what the universe is and why it exists."


If you want to know what kind of person Hawking is, look at the universe in his eyes.

1.time travel

Hocking put forward three time travel laws: 


The wormhole is around us, just as small as the naked eye can't see. There are small holes or cracks in all things in the universe, and this basic rule applies to time as well. There are also tiny cracks and gaps in time. The smaller gap between molecules and atoms is called "quantum bubbles", while wormholes exist in "quantum bubbles".

One day, humans may be able to capture a wormhole that magnifies it enough to allow humans and even spaceships to pass through them.

2)Light speed

Hawking envisioned a large speed cosmological ship, which will reach its highest speed after a few years of space flight - equivalent to 99% of the speed of light. At this rate, staying on the boat for a day means spending a year on the earth. The passengers on the ship are in disguise to the future, making a real time trip.

3)black hole

Time is like a river, and there will be a different flow rate in different sections, which is the key to a journey to the future. A supermassive black hole, which is heavier than the entire galaxy, can significantly reduce the speed of the passage of time.

The supermassive black hole, Hocking says, is like a natural time machine. If a spaceship enters a supermassive black hole and performs a 5 year task within a supermassive black hole, it will be found for 10 years to return to the earth. The problem with this kind of time travel is that the danger of approaching a supermassive black hole is too high. 

2. Aliens

Do aliens exist?

The universe has 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars. In such a huge space, the earth is unlikely to be the only planet that evolved life. Hocking said, I think it is purely mathematical thinking, just such a huge number, the idea that the existence of an alien is completely reasonable. The real challenge is to find out what the aliens look like.

3. all the stories

Is the big bang theory the ultimate theory?

It is only in the current level of human cognition that it is considered so.

100 thousand years later, after 1 million, after 100 million years, the universe of human knowledge can improve the ability, we may now in the big bang theory of truth as we now see the "geocentric" just absurd theory.

Since the birth of the universe on the big bang theory can not be regarded as the ultimate truth, then the universe on the destination, whether it is infinitely extended down or collapse, is contracted to the state before the big bang, then the time, space, material disappeared.

Those Hawking prophesies

In 2032, the earth entered the ice age, global warming

In 2060, human beings must leave the earth

In 2100, human beings entered outer space, new species appeared

The earth will face catastrophic destruction in 2215

In 2600, the earth became a hot "fireball"