How To Carry On The Daily Inspection Work Of The Leather Conveyor?

- Dec 05, 2017 -

As widely used in household appliances, machinery, electronics, printing, food and other industries of the belt conveyor, want to improve its use efficiency and service life, it is recommended to do a routine inspection work, the specific work content contains the following information:

1, observe whether the head and tail wheel running deviation? If running deviation, it needs to be dealt with in time, through the upper and lower adjustment of the idler to solve.

2, observe whether the roller is sticky, if the sticky material, you need to shovel off the adhesive.

3, whether the reducer has abnormal sound, if the head reducer appears larger vibration phenomenon, cut the abnormal sound, it needs to be timely reported to the relevant technical personnel to deal with.

4, whether the bearing temperature is too high, if there is a high phenomenon, generally because of the lack of oil in the bearing seat, to replenish oil in a timely manner.

5. Check the oil level of the reducer is normal.

6. Check whether the nylon pin of the motor coupling is damaged or not, if there is any damage to be dealt with in time.