Development Trend Of Reflow Soldering

- Dec 05, 2017 -

In recent years, with a large number of electronic products to small, light, high-density direction, especially the large-scale use of handheld devices, in the components of materials technology in the original SMT technology has posed a major challenge, but also so that SMT has been brought to the rapid development opportunities.

IC developed to 0.5mm,0.4mm.0.3mm feet; BGA has been widely used, and CSP has come into prominence, and also the rapid rise of the trend, the analysis of material on the cleaning of low residue solder paste has been widely used, all of these have put forward a new requirement for reflow soldering process, a general trend is to require reflow soldering using more advanced heat transfer mode, to achieve energy conservation, uniform temperature, suitable for double Panel PCB and new device packaging mode of welding requirements, and gradually realize the full replacement of wave soldering.