Curing Furnace Operation Process

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1. First of all, the trolley and the furnace inside clean.

2. Power supply switch, turn on the device "Power switch" button (key knob right)

3. Open the furnace door, the mold and materials put on the stage of the car into the oven, close the oven.

4. Set the oven temperature, and open the oven "fan" and "warming" button.

5. To reach the curing time to open the door, the trolley to launch the oven, remove the solidified material.

6. When the work is finished, close the "warming" and "fan" buttons respectively to make the heating system and the blower system stop working.

7. Finally closes the "power switch" knob, close the main gate, open the furnace door, remove the dried material, the work process.