Basic Requirements For Brake Function Of Traction Machine

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1. When the power supply of the elevator loses power or the control circuit loses power, the brake can be braked immediately.

2. When the car contains 125% rated load and running at rated speed, the brakes should be able to make the traction machine stop operation.

3. In the normal operation of the elevator, the brakes should be in the condition of continuous power release, the release of the brake circuit, the lift should be no additional delay in the effective braking.

4. Cut off the current of the brakes and apply at least two separate electrical devices to achieve it. When the elevator stops, if one of the contactor's main contacts is not open, the last time the next run direction changes, should prevent the elevator to run again.

5. The elevator Traction machine with manual wheel driver should be able to release the brake by hand and need a continuous force to keep it loose.

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