Wave Soldering Machine Maintenance content

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1. Check the wave soldering machine chain Claw has no deformation on the tin, the speed chain is loose, every day to check whether the handwheel is in place, often running parts of the monthly check, not frequently run parts every three months add the right amount of lubricant.

2. Two times a day to check whether the liquid surface of the claw device is about 3/4, wash claw brush residual material is too much, check the flux filter once a day is too much residue.

3. Daily regular use of alcohol cleaning flux air duct, flow control valve, adjust the flux liquid surface fixed pressure, hourly test flux specific gravity is 0.794-0.830.

4. Daily time to clean up the preheating system high-temperature $number cover plate residual stains, every hour to detect the actual circuit board before the tin furnace temperature is 80-90 ℃.

5. Daily cleaning of tin slag in the tin furnace of wave soldering machine. Wave soldering Machine The sundries inside the spout of the tin stove should be cleaned once a week, and the actual temperature of the soldering tin furnace is measured at 240-250 ℃ per hour.

6. The whole wave soldering fuselage weekly small cleaning and maintenance, a monthly large-scale clean-up and maintenance, found that the wave soldering machine is bad to timely maintenance and record.