The features and functions of Reflow oven

- Mar 19, 2018 -

The features and functions of Reflow oven


Reflow soldering is the main technology in SMT process, reflow soldering quality is the key to the reliability of SMA, it directly affects the reliability and economic benefits of electronic equipment, and welding quality depends on the welding method, the use of welding materials, welding technology and welding equipmen

The function of reflow soldering

Reflow soldering is to install the patch element circuit board into SMT reflow welding chamber, after high temperature to welding SMD components paste forming process melting temperature change through high temperature hot air reflow, let pad chip components and circuit board combination, and then cooling together.Reflow soldering process chart:


The features of reflow oven technology

1. components is small, but sometimes it gives the device a larger thermal stress.

2. only the solder paste is placed in the required position, which can control the discharge of solder paste and avoid the defects such as bridging.

3. the surface tension of molten solder paste device capable of correcting deviation on the first position.

4. the local heating source can be used to weld the same substrate by different welding processes.

5. solder in general will not be mixed with impure. When the solder paste is used, the composition of the solder can be kept properly.