The difference between reflow soldering and wave soldering

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1. Reflow soldering does not need to be like wave soldering components directly immersed in the molten solder, so the thermal impact of the components are small;

2. Reflow soldering only in the required parts of the casting solder, greatly saving the use of solder;

3. Reflow soldering can control the casting amount of solder and avoid defects such as bridging.

4. When the component placement position has a certain deviation, as a result of melting solder surface tension, as long as the solder casting position is correct, reflow soldering can be in the welding of this small deviation automatically corrected, so that components fixed in the correct position;

5. Local heating heat source can be used to weld with different reflow soldering process on the same substrate;

6. In the solder will not be mixed with impure, in the use of solder paste for reflow soldering can properly maintain the composition of the solder.