The cause of Crest soldering crest

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Wave soldering is by wave soldering motor Wave Crest Jeancy and PCB solder surface contact formed welding, if wave crest soldering wave can not make tin and PCB contact with welding, so the crest can not play a serious impact on the quality of work, resulting in a product error rate increased, If the wave soldering crest is not up, we should do some troubleshooting to find out the cause and then solve it:

1. Tin furnace spout tin slag too much, the crest spout is blocked by the tin slag, the proposal clears once a week;

2. Guide Tin Groove perforation, the general tin trough life expectancy of about 1.5, if it has been determined to be a guide tin groove, it is recommended to replace the Guide tin Groove;

3. Motor coil Aging, recommended to replace the motor. Can debug inverter to view, the peak hit to your usual number of PCB rpm, motor if automatically stop, or overload to indicate aging;

4. Frequency converter set error or inverter damage;

5. The motor bearing is oxidized with tin slag stuck.