Reflow Furnace Setting steps

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1. First, according to the production capacity set conveyor speed, note that the belt speed can not exceed the maximum speed of reflow soldering process (here refers to meet the preheating heating rate of ≤3℃/s, welding peak temperature and reflow time should meet the welding requirements).

2. Set the temperature for the first time.

3. In order to ensure temperature stability in the furnace, the first temperature curve test.

4. Analysis of the measured temperature curve and the design of the difference between the temperature curve, the next temperature adjustment.

5. To ensure temperature stability in the furnace and to test the SMA cooled to room temperature, the next temperature curve test.

6. Repeat (4) ~) process until the measured temperature curve is consistent with the desired temperature curve of the design.

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