Notice of operating wave soldering machine

- May 10, 2018 -

The wave soldering is suitable for batch welding with high efficiency. However, the quality problems arising from inadvertent operation are also large. This requires the technical workers to fully understand the structure, performance and characteristics of the wave soldering machine, master its operation methods, and understand the characteristics and requirements of printed circuit board. Fruit.

Specific attention should be paid to the examination of the following links:


First, the inspection before the wave peak welding: before welding, the operation of the equipment, the quality of the printed circuit board and the plug-in on the printed circuit board are checked.

Two, wave peak welding inspection: in the welding, we should pay attention to the quality of welding and the operating condition of the equipment at any time, analyze the composition of the solder and the consumption of solder, change it in time or supplement the solder in the tin cylinder: the oxide film on the surface of the solder is treated in time. In order to prevent oxidation, tin oil with mineral oil and fatty acid is added into the solder.

Three. Check after wave soldering: check the welding quality by block after welding and check the occurrence of defects such as missing welding and bridging. For a small number of defective solder joints, manual repair welding can be carried out. A large number of defects need to be identified for the right reasons.


In the process of wave soldering, the solder is always in a circular flow state, at the wave oxide and pollutant, and the printed circuit board and the wave are in relative motion, the flux vapour is easy to volatilize, the welding point will not produce bubbles, the efficiency and the quality are very high. However, due to various factors, wave soldering is easy to cause short circuit between the welding points, and has the disadvantage of large amount of repair welding work.


With the appearance of chip lead (or ultra short lead) components, new requirements for wave soldering process are put forward. In order to adapt to the new technology, the wave and wave improvement of wave soldering machine has been carried out. Hollow wave or double welding has been realized, and a double welding machine has been produced. On the basis of the original wave soldering machine, the tin cylinder and nozzle can be improved to spray special wave forms, such as A wave, P wave, Z wave, T wave and double T wave, so as to eliminate the welding defects and improve the welding quality.