How to operate reflow oven correctly

- May 02, 2018 -

How to operate reflow oven correctly


1.Objective: to guide and standardize the proper use of reflow soldering. Avoid abnormal operation and improper production during operation.


2.Scope: this specification is suitable for use in reflow soldering process.


Three. Reflow welding operation steps:

1.check the equipment inside the sundries, clean, ensure safety, boot, select the production process to set the temperature settings.

2.The width of reflow guide rail should be adjusted according to the width of PCB, opening the air, conveying the net belt and cooling the fan.

3.The temperature control of the regenerator is high (245 + 5). The temperature of the tin stove is controlled at (255 + 5) centigrade, and the preheating temperature is 80 ~110 C. According to the parameters of the welding production process, the parameters of the reflow soldering machine are strictly controlled, and the parameters of the reflow machine are recorded on a daily basis.

4.Turn on the temperature switch in sequence. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, you can start over, PCB, and board. Ensure that the distance between the 2 plates of the conveyor belt is not less than 10mm.

5.Adjust the width of the reflow welding belt to the corresponding position, the width and the smoothness of the conveyer belt correspond to the line board, and check the batch number of the material to be processed and the related technical requirements.

6.The small reflow welder shall not be too long and high temperature to cause copper platinum foaming; the solder joint must be smooth and bright, the circuit board must be tin on all welding plates; the bad welding line must be heavy, and the two times heavy must be carried out after cooling.

7.wear gloves to pick up welding PCB, only touch PCB edge, check 10 samples per hour, check bad condition, and record data. In the process of production, if the parameters can not meet the requirements of production, and can not adjust the parameters automatically, the technician must be informed immediately.

8.measure the temperature: insert the sensor into the receptacle of the tester, open the power switch of the tester, and put the tester in reflow soldering with the old PCB plate, and take out the temperature data recorded by the computer in the process of over reflux welding, that is the original number of the temperature curve of the reflow welder. According to it.

9.the welded plate will be classified according to odd numbers, names and so on. The mixture is bad.


Reflow welding operation attention: not touch the net belt during operation, do not let water or oil stains fall into the stove to prevent scalding.

2, welding work should ensure ventilation and prevent air pollution. Operators should wear good work clothes and wear masks.

3. Check the heating wires regularly to avoid leakage of electricity.