How to operate curing oven

- May 12, 2018 -

The working principle and operation process of the curing furnace


1. The working principle of the curing furnace

With the fin type radiator and the stainless steel heating pipe as the heat source, the air is heated by the fan on the heating assembly, through the heat transfer from the hot air to the material, the air is continuously supplemented through the inlet, and the wet air is discharged outside the box, so that the temperature in the furnace is constantly improved and the mould is preheated gradually. Operating procedures.

2. Preparation of the curing furnace before starting

First, the operator must first be familiar with the structural performance, working principle, adjustment method, operation method and maintenance knowledge.

Check the status mark and sanitary condition of the equipment.

Check whether the electrical system is in good condition, whether the motor is wet or not.

3. The operating process of the curing furnace

First, clean the trolley and the inside of the furnace.

(2) turn on the power switch of the power supply equipment, and turn on the "power switch" button of the equipment (the key knob is right-handed).

3. Open the furnace door, put the mould and material on the trolley and push it into the oven, and close the furnace door.

Setting up the oven temperature and opening the "fan" and "warming up" button of the oven.

When curing time is reached, the furnace door is opened, the trolley is pushed out of the furnace door, and the solidified material is removed.

When the work is finished, turn off the "warming" and "fan" buttons respectively to stop the heating system and the blower system.

Finally, turn off the "power switch" knob, close the main gate, open the furnace door, and remove the dried materials. The working procedure is finished.

4. Precautions for the operation of the curing furnace

(1) the installation site of the oven should be smooth and smooth.

Electrical control personnel have professional management and maintenance; when the oven box is not used, the power should be cut off to ensure safety.

Do not put inflammable and explosive materials in the oven, so as to avoid any safety accidents.