Factors of influence reflow oven soldering quality

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1.Soldering paste


   The quality of reflow oven soldering is influenced by many factors, the most important factor is the temperature profile of the reflow oven and the composition parameters of the solder paste. The commonly used high performance reflow oven has been able to control and adjust the temperature profile more conveniently. In contrast, in the trend of high density and miniaturization, the printing of solder paste is the key to the quality of reflow soldering.


  The particle shape of the solder paste alloy powder is related to the welding quality of the narrow space device, and the viscosity and composition of the solder paste must be selected appropriately. In addition, solder paste is usually stored in cold storage. When it is used, it can not be opened until it is restored to room temperature. We should pay special attention to avoid mixing solder paste into water vapor due to temperature difference. When necessary, stir the solder paste with the mixer.


2.The soldering machines


Sometimes,if the rail of reflow oven equipment vibrates which can be one factors of the soldering quality.


3.Reflow oven process


After removing the abnormal quality of the solder paste printing process and the patch process, the reflow welding process itself will lead to the following quality abnormality: